For as long as Phil can remember music has been an intrinsic part of his life. Whether it was creating his first mix-tape at age eight; playing the piano at age nine; learning guitar at age ten; reviewing gigs and records from age thirteen; working part-time in record shops during his student years…music, to date, has been his passion in life. Moreover, music has been an arena from which Phil cannot possibly separate himself as a student, a journalist, an events manager, a producer and, primarily, as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Throughout Phil’s primary, secondary and third-level education, he studied guitar, piano and music theory, during which time he took exams at The Leinster School of Music in piano and music theory, grades one to five. It was also during this period that Phil listened to and attended a prodigious amount of records and gigs, respectively, throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

While living in the UK during my early to mid-twenties and, more latterly, back home in Ireland, Phil played in many bands and sat in on studio sessions as a writer. arranger, player, engineer and producer. During his day job as a journalist, Phil honed and fine-tuned his critical listening skills.

Since moving back to Ireland in 2010, Phil has worked as a music journalist, events marketer, and manager and built his studio in the garage of his home. It is from his studio, The Greenhouse, that Phil writes and records songs for his band, The Go-Boys, as well as writing and recording solo songs.